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Specific Performance Cases

Our commitment to excellence and a personalized approach ensures that your rights are vigorously defended in the complex landscape of civil litigation.

Title Declaration

Our client-centric approach means that we prioritize the unique needs of each client, tailoring our legal strategies to secure favorable outcomes

Rent Agreement Matters

Securing a comprehensive and legally sound rent agreement is pivotal in the realm of property transactions, and at Jeet Law Associates

Injunction cases

At Jeet Law Associates, we specialize in adeptly handling injunction cases, recognizing the urgency and strategic approach.

Sale Deed Cancellation

In the intricate realm of real estate law, the need for Sale Deed cancellations can arise due to various reasons, requiring meticulous legal intervention

Agreement to Sale

Jeet Law Associates is committed to guiding clients through the complexities of property transactions, offering clarity and confidence in every Agreement to Sale.

Partnership Dissolution

With a deep understanding of business and partnership law, Jeet Law Associates offers specialized expertise in handling the nuances of partnership dissolution

Decree execution and objections

Jeet Law Associates leverages its deep understanding of legal intricacies to navigate the complexities of degree evaluation

Money Recovery Suit

Whether you are a creditor seeking to recover owed funds or an individual entangled in a financial dispute, We are committed to navigating the complexities

Land Acquisition Reference

Land Acquisition notification challange, presentation of notification under section 4,6,9 & 11 and land acquisition act.

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