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Facilitate your property transactions with Jeet Law Associates. Contact us today for a consultation tailored to your specific  needs.

Sale Deed

We recognize that each property transaction is unique. Our Sale Deed services are customized to suit the specifics of your  sale deal for the customers.

Transfer Deed

We specialize in crafting meticulous Transfer Deeds  Our team ensures that all necessary details, including property descriptions, terms of transfer.

Lease Deed

Our services ensure that your Lease Deed complies with local and national legal requirements and legal challenges during the lease period.

Agreement to Sale Deed

Our specialized services are designed to safeguard the interests of both buyers and sellers  from negotiation to the execution of the agreement.

Rent Agreement Deed

Whether you are forming a new partnership or seeking to strengthen an existing one, our experts are here to navigate the legal landscape

Partnership Deed

Our team ensures that all essential clauses, including profit sharing, decision-making processes, responsibilities are accurately reflected in the document.

Mortgage Deed

Our Mortgage services are tailored to provide comprehensive support to individuals and businesses involved in mortgage transactions

General Power of Attorney Deed

Our dedicated team of legal professionals at Jeet Law Associates is committed to delivering exemplary General Power of Attorney services. 

Special Power of Attorney Deed

Our experienced attorneys provide consultations to individuals granting and receiving powers under a Special Power of Attorney.

Will Deed

We can assist in appointing and guiding the executor of your Will, ensuring they understand their responsibilities and helping to streamline the probate process.

Mutation(lease hold,free hold)

Our Mutation services are tailored to provide comprehensive legal support, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and a seamless transition in property rights.

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